Recording of Claude Goldenberg, Ph.D: English Learners and Literacy: Learning to Read it while Learning to Speak it - Webinar

Recording of Claude Goldenberg, Ph.D: English Learners and Literacy: Learning to Read it while Learning to Speak it - Webinar

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Presenter: Claude Goldenberg, Ph.D

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"Claude Goldenberg is one of our country's foremost researchers and experts on teaching English Learners to read and become literate. He has led and published authoritative reviews of the research literature. He is an engaging speaker whose guidance practitioners can trust."

Louisa Moats, Ed. D   February, 2021


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Learning to read in a language you are simultaneously learning to speak and understand is more complicated than learning to read in a language you already know. This is the challenge faced by millions of English Learners (ELs) whose English proficiency is low and school achievement generally poor.

What do we know about teaching English learners to read, write, and develop as English readers and writers? Literacy interventions, classroom studies, and
neurolinguistic research all demonstrate two basic facts: First, learning to read in a language you are simultaneously learning is very similar to learning to read in a language you already know. Second, however, there are differences having to do with limited English proficiency. These differences become increasingly pronounced at more advanced stages of literacy development when English language proficiency becomes increasingly important for literacy development.

In this presentation Dr. Goldenberg will first go over what is often referred to as “the science of reading” (SOR): What do we know that children need to know and be able to do in order to learn to read and get on the road to competent reading? He will then identify what supports and instruction ELs need if they are to become competent readers in English. Finally, Dr. Goldenberg will describe some of the strategies and instruction used by programs that have been more successful in promoting English reading and language development among ELs who are in English instructional programs. Don’t miss this timely, information-packed session!


Claude Goldenberg is Nomellini & Olivier Professor of Education, Emeritus, in the Graduate School of Education at Stanford University. A native of Argentina, his areas of research and professional interest center on promoting academic achievement among language minority children and youth. Prior to his arrival at Stanford, Goldenberg was Professor of Teacher Education, Associate Dean of the College of Education, and Executive Director of the Center for Language Minority Education and Research (CLMER) at California State University, Long Beach.

Goldenberg received his A.B. in history from Princeton University and M.A. and Ph.D. from Graduate School of Education, UCLA. He has taught junior high school in San Antonio, TX, and first grade in a bilingual elementary school in the Los Angeles area.

Goldenberg was a National Academy of Education Spencer Fellow in 1986-88. He received the 1993 Albert J. Harris Award (along with Ronald Gallimore) from the International Reading Association for an article describing how beginning Spanish reading achievement improved at an elementary school where he taught first grade and conducted research on home and school influences on early literacy development. In 2004 he received the Distinguished Faculty Scholarly and Creative Activities Award from California State University, Long Beach.

In 1997, he produced "Settings for Change," a video describing a 5-year school improvement project that raised literacy achievement in a largely Latino, bilingual elementary school in the Los Angeles area.  A book based on this project, Successful School Change: Creating Settings to Improve Teaching a Learning, was published in 2004 by Teachers College Press.  Research stemming from the project (in collaboration with Bill Saunders, Ronald Gallimore, and Brad Ermeling) won the 2010 Best Research Award from Learning Forward.

Goldenberg's most recent books are Promoting Academic Achievement among English Learners: A Guide to the Research, co-authored with Rhoda Coleman (Corwin, 2010) and Language and Literacy Development in Bilingual Settings, co-editing with Aydin Durgunoglu (Guilford, 2011).  His publications have also appeared in academic and professional journals, and he has been on the editorial boards of various academic journals.  His current projects focus on improving literacy and academic achievement among English learners in K-12 and promoting early literacy development in Rwanda.

Goldenberg was on the National Research Council's Committee for the Prevention of Early Reading Difficulties in Young Children and on the National Literacy Panel, which synthesized research on literacy development among language-minority children and youth.

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