New Generation Lively Letters™ Phonics Songs CD

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    • These engaging songs are used with the Lively Letters program (sold separately). Lively Letters greatly improves reading skills in 6-8 weeks with multisensory methods and materials that are as powerful as they are fun for general ed. and struggling readers, including dyslexic and EL students. Transform your phonics and speech production lessons by adding music which is proven to connect various areas in the brain for improved learning.
    • This popular music CD has students singing and dancing while strengthening their letter sound skills. Includes 47 entertaining letter sound songs starring the famous Lively Letters characters. Each unique song provides cues on how students make the sounds with their mouths. Songs also feature humorous rhymes and sound repetition at the end of the song for student practice. Features diverse music styles, engaging tunes, and lyrics that align with the Lively Letters program.
    • A song is played after the associated letter sound has been presented with its introduction story from the Lively Letters Instruction Manual and its Lively Letters card that has a picture embedded into the letter showing the mouth movement. (Lively Letters manual and cards are sold separately.)     
    • Lively Letters was published by Reading with TLC, and used by over 80,000 educators and 15 million students worldwide since 1990. It is aligned with  the Science of Reading. The Lively Letters Phonics Songs, written by program authors Nancy Telian and Penny Castagnozzi, were published in 2004 and have been appreciated by students and teachers alike because of the varied music styles that these original songs offer. 

    Includes a plastic CD case, CD, and a 4.75” x 4.75” booklet with 16 pages. The lyrics booklet contains the words to the songs, plus a small picture of each Lively Letters character.

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