New Generation Lively Letters™ Lowercase Poem and Lyrics Book

New Generation Lively Letters™ Lowercase Poem and Lyrics Book

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  • This popular 102-page book features the comical poems that are also the Lively Letters Songs lyrics (Lively Letters Phonics Songs CD sold separately). Also brings the Lively Letters characters for the 44 speech sounds (single and double letters) to life with 8.5” x 11” colorful images that are great for classroom viewing. The complete Lively Letters letter sound introduction stories are found in the Lively Letters Instruction Manual or the Lively Letters Basic Set, both sold separately. 
  • Features pictures of engaging letter characters depicting the correct mouth movements for the sounds. Using powerful mnemonics (memory tricks), these images are directly embedded into the letters. The poems and pictures reinforce how the sounds are made orally. Engaging rhymes help develop phonological awareness and the alliteration at the end of each poem helps reinforce alphabetic skills for improved reading and spelling. 
  • Lively Letters greatly improves reading skills in 6-8 weeks with engaging, multisensory methods and materials that are as powerful as they are fun for general ed. and struggling readers. Features colorful images, humorous stories, mouth / hand cues, and music for dramatic gains in reading, spelling, and speech skills. Published by Reading with TLC, and used by over 80,000 educators and 15 million students worldwide since 1990. It is aligned with the Science of Reading.
  • The full-page poem, written in large font, faces the adjoining page with the Lively Letters picture letter. An abbreviated version of the letter sound introduction story is provided at the bottom of each poem. Used by educators and parents to practice lowercase letter sound associations, rhyming, and speech production skills. 
  • Teachers and clinicians enjoy reading the poems to students while showing the accompanying Lively Letters pictures. Many also play the associated Lively Letters Phonics Song (sold separately) while showing the poem/lyrics and picture. For students who’ve already developed phonics and some sight word skills, the poems can be read as lyrics, or poems, for fluency.

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