New Generation Lively Letters™ Basic Size Lowercase Picture and Plain Letter Cards

  • $76.99

    • Lively Letters greatly improves reading skills in 6-8 weeks with engaging, multisensory methods and materials that are as powerful as they are fun for general ed. and struggling readers, including dyslexic and EL students. Features colorful images, comical stories, mouth / hand cues, and music (sold separately), for dramatic gains in reading, spelling, and speech production skills.
    • Published by Reading with TLC, and used by over 80,000 educators and 15 million students worldwide since 1990. Easy to implement and featuring unique, clinically proven strategies that are research-based and aligned with the Science of Reading and the Orton Gillingham approach.
    • Features pictures of engaging characters depicting the correct mouth movements for the sounds. Using powerful mnemonics (memory tricks), these images are directly embedded into the letters. Letter sound introduction stories and step-by step instructions for the use of this product are found in the Lively Letters Instruction Manual (sold separately or as part of the Basic Set). 
    • Includes 104 boxed colorful, sturdy flashcards, plus a letter sound sequence card sheet, to train letter sounds and phonemic awareness / phonics in effective wordplay activities. Great for class, small group, and one-on-one lessons, the single letters are 6.25” x 4.25” and the double letters are 6.25” x 6.5”.
    • Transitioning to the included plain letters after succeeding with the picture letters, students use the cards in sound blending, segmenting and manipulation activities to simultaneously build phonemic awareness and phonics skills. Progress through more difficult letter sounds and from shorter to longer words.

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