New Generation Lively Letters™ Reproducible Digital Bingo Games (E-Product)

New Generation Lively Letters™ Reproducible Digital Bingo Games (E-Product)

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Turn the fun factor up a notch while practicing the sounds or names of lowercase and uppercase Lively Letters picture letters and plain letters. This PDF contains six sets that each include 50 unique bingo games (2 per page) and an instructor's call sheet. Tailor your instruction for students with varied skill levels by choosing the appropriate level Bingo games. You can further differentiate within your group or class lessons by giving some of your students the picture letters, while other students use the plain letter versions of the same Bingo game. The digital Bingo games are in black & white and can be printed onto card stock for use with tokens or onto regular paper for use with markers or crayons. This e-product consists of 158 pages. 

The different sets are listed below:

Set 1 - The first 32 Lively Letters lowercase picture letters

Set 2 – The first 32 Lively Letters lowercase plain letters

Set 3  - The full set of 47 Lively Letters lowercase picture letters

Set 4 – The full set of 47 Lively Letters lowercase plain letters

Set 5 – The full set of 26 Lively Letters uppercase picture letters

Set 6 – The full set of 26 Lively Letters uppercase plain letters

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This e-product is copyrighted. This purchase provides the license for one person's use. You have the license to use this e-product with your own students and their parents. You may download this e-product onto 5 of your computers or devices. You have permission to share this e-product with the parents of your own students. You do not have permission to share the contents of this e-product with anyone else as this is a one-person license, not to be shared throughout your school, your district, private practice, or organization.  You also may not upload this e-product onto any shared sites such as shared online teaching sites.
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