Lively Social Emotional Reproducible E-book Series (6 stories)

Lively Social Emotional Reproducible E-book Series (6 stories)

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This series is a collection of creative stories written by Penny Castagnozzi. Let the Lively Letters characters help you motivate your students through social/emotional issues with a sense of humor and endearment.

This series is intended for one person's use with his or her students/children only and may not be passed along to others. Please see Download Instructions & Terms and Conditions below before purchasing this product.

This series includes the following stories:

"Fighting Fear with Effie," features the Lively Letters "f" character. Effie struggled with the fear of getting sick and his father taught him how to fight that fear to get his fire back. 

"Gina Goes to Bat" features the Lively Letters "g" and "k" characters. This story is about a girl who is excited to try new things, but is afraid that she will fail. In the story she calls upon past successes to overcome her fear of trying something new.
"Ella Strands Strong" features the Lively Letters "l" character. The main character, Ella, faces a challenging situation and learns how to use positive imagery to get her confidence back to pursue her dream.
"A Moment of Truth for Enzo," features the Lively Letters "n" and "m" characters. Enzo finds himself in a predicament when he accidentally breaks one of his friend's treasures.  He struggles with telling his friend the truth, but realizes, in the end, that honesty truly is the best policy.
"Dance, Esperanza, Dance," features the Lively Letters "s" character. Esperanza is a snake who is devastated when she doesn't fit in with others. She learns to celebrate her differences and her unique talents, bringing hope to others who also struggle to fit in.
"Solving Mask Problems with Tito," features the Lively Letters "t" and "p" characters. Tito struggles with having to wear a mask and has to change his perspective about that challenge and work through his anxieties.
Download and use these colorful stories in online lessons or print them out for your students who will enjoy and benefit from the inspirational and motivating lessons.

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Terms and Conditions
These stories are copyrighted. This purchase provides the license for one person's use. You have the license to use these e-books with your own students/children.  You have permission to share the stories with the parents of your own students. You do not have permission to share the contents of this e-product with anyone else as this is a one-person license, not to be shared throughout your school, your district, private practice, or organization.  You also may not upload these stories onto any shared sites such as shared online teaching sites.
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