FREE recorded webinar: Using Lively Letters Online – Q & A with the Authors

FREE recorded webinar: Using Lively Letters Online – Q & A with the Authors

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FREE recorded webinar: Using Lively Letters Online – Q & A with the Authors

Presenters: Nancy Telian and Penny Castagnozzi


If you’re feeling confused, lonely, or even just bored during this unprecedented time of COVID-19, meet up with the two Lively Letters “Boston Sistah’s”. Grab a cup of tea, or even better, a  much deserved, tall glass of wine,  take a deep breath, find a quiet place (if there is one in your house!) and join us. In this time of social distancing, you will be surrounded and supported by a large network of like-minded and wonderful Lively Letters users from all over the globe who are eager to join in this conversation. 

So, why are we doing this? We’ve heard from so many of you who’ve sent us questions on exactly what Lively Letters materials you can access and use online, and on how to do this. We’ve been busy responding individually to each and every one of you, but now it’s time to go live with all of you. We will discuss and demonstrate a little of the technology involved, but for the most part, we want to talk to you and answer your questions specifically around the use of Lively Letters. We’ll demonstrate just a few of the low tech things you can start doing right away to keep the learning going. These are just some of the questions we will be addressing:

“What exactly am I permitted to do and use online with my Lively Letters?”  “Are there any online or digital resources for us to use?” “I left my materials at work, so how can I find some quick freebies and resources to use online?” “How do I even begin? This is all so hard.”  “Is anyone out there finding success teaching LL online?”  “What are some of the tricks and the roadblocks others are finding?” Even this one… “HELP!”

We want to help you through this difficult time, and we know that connecting personally with you, our beloved “Lively Leaders,” will also be healing for us. Maybe we can somehow put this all into perspective and help each other let go of trying to be the “perfect” teacher at this time. We are all in crisis mode right now, and need to help each other keep this in mind as districts are still working out the kinks on how to address this situation. 

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Credits: 2 continuing ed. hours for all and CMHs for SLPS

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