New Generation Lively Letters™ Basic Set for Parents

New Generation Lively Letters™ Basic Set for Parents

  • $131.99

This set for parents includes the New Generation Parents' Guide, 2nd Edition, and the boxed New Generation Lively Letters Basic Lowercase Picture and Plain Letter Cards.

The Parents' Guide is designed to train parents and guardians to help their children develop phonemic awareness, sound production, and phonics skills at home. This guide should be used with the Lively Letters™ Lowercase and Uppercase Letter cards or the Lively Letters Phonics App, which is sold on Apple's Store. 

This revised more complete manual now includes simple directions and strategies to teach a child to read for the first time, or to support a student who is already working with the Lively Letters™ characters, all in the comfortable setting of home!

These cards are now 6.25" x 6.5" and they feature brighter, more engaging pictures with letters that are evenly sized and aligned for reading and spelling.  With more cultural diversity and gender equality, the new careds have all of the imagery, mouth cues, and mnemonic strategies that made the Lively Letters so popular, with even more endearing characters that make them an even bigger hit with students and teachers, alike!  With the bonus plain letter cards that are now included in each sturdy box of cards, it is even easier for educators to transition to plain letter reading and spelling activities, ensuring greater student success. Each set of cards also includes a sequence card, an easy, quick reference for teachers introducing the letter sounds. This box includes a total of 48 lowercase picture cards and 55 plain letter cards for letter sound introduction, practice, and word play activities.

The Lively Letters™ cards feature colorful pictures embedded into the letters, linking mouth movements, the letter shape, and the letter sound. The explicit, easy-to-follow directions in the Parents' Guide ensure an enjoyable experience for parents and children alike!

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