New Generation Lively Letters Digital Lowercase & Uppercase Mini Cards E-Product

New Generation Lively Letters Digital Lowercase & Uppercase Mini Cards E-Product

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When you purchase this product, you will receive an email with the link to your digital scans. This e-product is intended for one person's use with his or her students/children only and may not be passed along to others. You may use the download link twice to download it onto two different computers or devices.  Please read the terms and conditions below. By purchasing this product, you are agreeing to the terms. 

Finally! After thousands of requests for this e-product, the digital scans of the Lively Letters pictures and their matching plain letters, are here! This valuable and versatile resource contains the digital picture files of the Lively Letters Lowercase and Uppercase mini cards delivered to you already embedded into a PowerPoint presentation for easy access and use. 


Along with the slides that contain the small colorful pictures of the Lively Letters characters and their matching plain letters, you receive other slides containing helpful images for use during word play / tracking and other activities. These include a colorful tracking mat and our famous Human / Alien Game for differentiating real and nonsense words. There is also a slide that contains colored blocks and stars for use in auditory-only phonemic awareness activities. 

Because this e-product includes lowercase letters, it also features the Vowel Path picture (ea, oa, ee...) and pictures of the soft  and hard 'g,' 'eu' and 'ew' picture cards, as well as helpful icons for use with reading and spelling multisyllable words. 

Have fun using the Lively Letters pictures and plain letters right within the PowerPoint presentation by simply copying and pasting the letters you want to work with directly into your chosen tracking slide. Begin moving the letters around for deep phonemic awareness and phonics manipulation work. If using this online with students who can have control of your screen, they can finally move the letters around, as well! The sizing has been adapted for optimal use online as Digital Mini Cards. These are lower resolution pictures. If enlarged the quality of the resolutions will significantly decrease, but you can adjust the sizes to be slightly smaller or slightly larger, if you like. Feel free to also copy and paste the pictures and letters into other documents or online teaching platforms that you are using, as long as they are not shared with the general public. The possibilities for creativity, learning, and fun are endless! 

Terms and Conditions

The images in this e-product are copyrighted. This purchase provides the license for one person's use. You have the license to use this PowerPoint and the Digital Mini Cards with your own students/children while online, on interactive white boards, or face to face using your computer or mobile device that can access PowerPoint slides. You may download this PowerPoint with these pictures and letters onto two of your computers or devices. You may also create activities and games using these pictures and letters. You can use the letters while working directly within this PowerPoint presentation or you can copy and paste them into other documents or online applications to use with your own students. For example, they can be pasted into Google Slides or other Word or PowerPoint documents to create worksheets and games. You have permission to share the pictures and letters with the parents of your own students. You do not have permission to share the contents of this e-product with anyone else as this is a one-person license, not to be shared throughout your school, your district, private practice, or organization. If you are loading these digital mini cards, or your products containing them, onto an online site or classroom, such as your Goggle Classroom, you may load them into your own classroom, but you may not load them into an entire school’s or school district’s site. You also may not upload the pictures onto any shared sites such as shared online teaching sites or picture collections.

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